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Statement of Faith

We adopt a minimalist statement of Christian faith.  While distinctions are important in each person’s faith, our goal is to allow the largest number of people to participate while still maintaining our Christian foundation.  Vita Nova maintains the following. 

  1. The Bible is the Word of God.  It is inerrant in its original autographs and is fully sufficient for salvation and as the primary foundation for life and godliness. 
  2. God the Father is the Creator and sustainer of the universe.  He has created humankind in his own image and desires a personal, transformative, and everlasting relationship with all people. 
  3. Jesus Christ is God Incarnate, became fully man to fulfill the Father’s redemptive destiny on our behalf.  He was crucified, buried, and physically resurrected. He is presently seated on his Father’s throne and will soon return to establish His Kingdom on the Earth.
  4. God the Holy Spirit is present and uniquely calling all people to salvation, equipping believers for ministry, and enabling sanctifying change to take place in the life of every believer.  
  5. We believe that human beings are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. 

All of our faith and practice will be derived from these essential points.